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Q. How do I get started?
A. We always suggest that the first step in purchasing or building a home is to be pre-qualified. Knowing your price range will help determine which floor plan best fits your budget. This can help narrow your search.

Q. How do I get pre-qualified?
A. Sharon Floyd, of Residence Lending is our preferred lender. She will help you estimate the amount of closing costs and monthly mortgage payments. Sharon makes the lending process quick and smooth.

Q. Do you offer in-house financing?
A. Although Rendon Homes does not offer in-house financing; we refer you to our preferred lender.

Q. What kind of warranty is included with my home?
A. A 10 year warranty from Bonded Builders Warranty Group covers major structural damage. In addition Rendon Homes provides a first year builder’s warranty and two year warranties on all mechanical, plumbing and electrical delivery systems.

Q. How much do you charge per square foot?
A. The starting price per square foot on a Rendon Home is $85 and increases from there. The price depends on the type of materials in building the home such as roof lines, masonry selection, etc. For a more accurate estimate, drop off a plan specifying desired materials or schedule an appointment with us to discuss your new home.

Q. Who provides interim financing?
A. If Rendon Homes builds on your lot, interim financing is required by the owner. If you are building in a Rendon Homes development, we provide interim financing.

Q. How long does it take to build a home?
A. Once we break ground and weather permitting, a home generally takes 100 to 120 days to complete.

Q. Can I bring my own floor plan or do I have to use one of yours?
A. You can bring in your own floor plan. Choosing one of ours is not a requirement.

Q. Does Rendon Homes offer any incentives?
A. At Rendon Homes, we sell our houses at an affordable price, eliminating any increase in cost to represent a builder’s incentive. Our prices are not inflated.

Q. Where can I see your floor plans?
A. We invite you to visit our information center located at 2922 NW Loop 410 Suite 1 in San Antonio, Texas. A map is available on our contact page. An appointment is not necessary, however we ask you call and give us time to prepare the floor plans that may fit your desired specifications. Our floor plans are required to stay in our office. Copies are not given out unless you are purchasing the home.

Q. What does it take to place a lot and/or home on hold while I secure financing?
A. We ask for a $1,000 earnest money deposit. This amount will be a credit towards your total closing costs. The deposited funds act as a reservation while you acquire financing. If for any reason financing can not be obtained, you will be refunded the earnest money.

Q. If your in house draftsman completes my plans, do I have to use Rendon Homes?
A. Although it’s encouraged, it is not a requirement.

Q. What standard features do you offer?
A. Click here to see a list of our standard features.


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